Welcome to Dimitri Hotel

Inaugurated in October 2008, Dimitri Hotel features modern services and a friendly staff.

Browse around, read up, view the picture gallery and find out why Dimitri offers the best value for your stay.

Facilities & Services

FREE Breakfast
Full breakfast for all guests.
FREE Wireless Internet
Stay connected while in your room or anywhere else in the hotel.
Choose Italian cuisine, vegetarian dishes or try Ethiopian food. Can't help cooking yourself? You're welcome to use the kitchen!
FREE Premium TV
Find the channels you normally watch at home and many more exclusive programmes. Check the monthly magazine in your room.
Room Service
Order from the restaurant until midnight.
Conference services
Conference hall, audio & video tools, wireless Internet and catering services. We take care of it all so you an concentrate on your work.
Lobby Bar
Relax and socialize, try out wines and cocktails.
Tours & Excursions
Explore Addis Ababa with a qualified guide who speaks your language.
Spanish Bar
Like beer and a traditionally set bar? Look no fruther than the Spanish bar.
Driver for Hire
The most convenient and comfortable way to move around Addis Ababa.
Enjoy tropical sunshine and year round mild temperatures. Have a snack, read a book, have a drink or chat with friends under the shade.
Luggage Deposit
Need to leave your luggage a few hours? Use the free deposit. A small fee applies to long term storage.
No Smoking in Rooms
All rooms are strictly non-smoking. Smokers are invited to smoke on the balcony or other ventilated area.